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Mar 2 2010
March Movie Club: special day!

The Movie Club will meet on the 2nd Saturday this month. We will return to our first Saturday schedule in April.

Join the SHL Movie Club as we attend [u:3cyv9ovt]Creation[/u:3cyv9ovt], the story of Charles Darwin on Saturday, March 13, 4:30pm at the Terrace Theater on Maybank Hwy, James Island. This showing is part of the Charleston Film Festival and as of now, this is the [u:3cyv9ovt]only[/u:3cyv9ovt] scheduled showing of this film in Charleston. Tickets are on sale now at the theater and you are encouraged to purchase your tickets in advance, as the festival always sells out (ask for the "Saturday 4:30 block"). See for more info.

Movie Club members will meet at 4:15 in the lobby. Afterward, we'll enjoy dinner at a local restaurant TBD.


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