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Feb 2 2010
Talks on Tap: Evolution and the Bible (February 10)

Although our particular point of view is not exactly represented in this debate, members of the SHL might be interested in attending anyway:

A Talks on Tap “Great Debate”

Can You Believe in Both the Bible and Evolution?

Southend Brewery (Third Floor), 161 East Bay Street

7:00 pm, Wednesday, February 10

What people of faith believe about the origin and diversification of life on Earth is not as simple as being for or against Darwinian evolution. Some believers see no conflict between their holy books and scientific journals — embracing the research of scientists and theologians as equal but different spheres. Many religious people are also attracted to a concept known as “Theistic Evolution,” accepting Darwinian mechanisms as God’s creative process. However, more conservative religious thinkers have labeled this a denial of Biblical truth and a grave heresy. In conjunction with the College of Charleston’s Darwin Week, Dr. Rob Dillon, a Presbyterian and a evolutionary biologist at the College of Charleston, will debate with Dr. Mark Ross, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at the Columbia campus of Erskine Theological Seminary, to resolve the weighty question as to whether any theory of evolution is compatible with faith in the Bible.

For more info on Darwin Week, go to:

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