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Jul 17 2009
Parliament of World's Religions / December / Australia

Despite the name, which sounds as if it might exclude those with our worldview, Humanists (and the SHL in particular) have received a specific invitation from the Parliament of the World's Religions to participate in their 2009 conference in Melbourne, Australia.

This December the CPWR will be holding an international Parliament in Melbourne, Australia. Ten thousand individuals representing dozens of religious and non-faith traditions will come together from eighty different countries to learn from one another. The Parliament will run for seven days with approximately 450 events including keynote addresses, seminars, conferences, debates, performances, concerts and exhibitions. Harmony and interfaith dialogue are invaluable at this stage in world history, in which understanding and respect between those of different beliefs is needed for peace and justice to prevail.

We hope to increase the attendance and awareness of our work within members of your audience.

For more information, see their website.


Oct 12 2009
Re: Parliament of World's Religions / December / Australia

Does anyone plan on going to this? If so, could you post your experience. I am just curious what would go on there. It seems a little bit odd to me.

Oct 12 2009
Re: Parliament of World's Religions / December / Australia

At meetings and other get togethers, I've heard people here suggesting that someone else go to this, but I have not yet heard anyone express interest in attending it themselves. For one thing, Australia is pretty far from South Carolina. If it was somewhere closer, I might consider going. However, not many people would travel to the other side of the planet for just a few days, and not many people can take off longer than a few days from their jobs. Then, as you suggest, it sounds like a bit of a weird thing. Not sure exactly what would be going on there anyway.

But, I would indeed love for someone from our group to attend. In any case, it was certainly nice to be invited.

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