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Jun 16 2009
another volunteer opportunity

Some SHL member expressed interest in volunteering with Fields to Families. This is an organization that primarily gleans the produce left in the fields after the farmer harvests his crop. The produce gleaned is then transported to soup kitchens and other organizations where it is distributed to hungry families. All volunteers must fill out a volunteer application. The following is taken directly from the FTF website. If you fill out an application, will you please notify me as I will be the point person called by FTF when they have a need for us to glean a field.

Hi, Nancy,

Thank you for your interest in Fields to Families. Please file an

application and as opportunities of your interest become available, I will

let you know about them. Please have interested members file an application

as well since ALL gleaners must have indicated a waiver of liability prior

to gleaning. Parents need to fill out a separate waiver for each child.

There is a special, simple procedure for this, so please have each parent

fill out his/her own application and I will send each a simple method of

enrolling their child. The link to our volunteers applications is

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