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Dec 4 2008
December movie club - Sat, Dec 6

Well, there's a slight change of plans from what I announced at the last SHL meeting. Seems that even though Milk is opening everywhere on Friday, "everywhere" doesn't include Charleston! It's opening here 2 weeks later.

So, we will see The Boy in the Striped Pajamas on Saturday, Dec 6, 4:00pm at the Terrace Theater on Maybank Hwy (James Island). We'll meet in the lobby at 3:45. Afterward, we'll discuss the movie over dinner. There is a new Thai restaurant near Citadel Mall that is very good so if everyone is up to it, we'll go there.

Hope to see everyone on Saturday!


Dec 4 2008
Re: December movie club - Sat, Dec 6

I know it seems like I always pick movies at the Terrace but I don't plan it like that - it just kind of turns out that way. Movie selections get pretty slim sometimes. Several theaters are now closed (Northwoods Mall and South Windermere are closed permanently and Citadel Mall is under renovation (but it'll have 16 screens once it reopens next summer)). I also have been boycotting Regal after I found this article when the Ben Stein movie played there ( ... ntcopy.asp - read this and you'll want to boycott them too!)

So if anyone would like to suggest a film for our movie day (first Saturday of the month), let me know a week or so in advance. Or if you have a favorite DVD let me know that too - we can always do that as a backup if nothing worthwhile is playing.


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