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Aug 29 2008
September Newsletter and Meeting Announcement

After a relaxing summer break, the newsletter of the SHL is "back in action". Please find the September 2008 issue posted on this website at:

It announces our September 21st meeting which will feature SHL Vice-President Herb Silverman telling us about his activities in Washington DC, reviews a book on how to get rich as a televangelist, offers our opinion of the latest "Intelligent Design" tactics, and outlines the volunteer and charitable activities in which the SHL will take part this month.

Printed copies of the newsletter will be mailed soon to active SHL members...but the Labor Day weekend may delay their arrival. So, download the newsletter in electronic form and read it here first. (If you're entirely satisfied with that method of getting the newsletter, let us know and we'll save some money and trees by not mailing you a printed copy in the future.)



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