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Oct 17 2007
SHL Meeting on Secular Schools / Oct 21st

The next regular monthly meeting of the SHL will be held at 4PM on Sunday October 21st at Gage Hall, 4 Archdale Street in Charleston. Our guest this month will be Ed Buckner, a member of the advisory board of the Secular Coalition for America. Mr. Buckner will be speaking on the subject of "Secular Schooling", which he has previously written about in "Parenting Beyond Belief", here is an excerpt from that essay:

Every citizen benefits from separation of church and state or, in the case of public schools, from the separation of religious education from common public education. Despite myths to the contrary, separation is not a matter of being careful not to offend either people without religion or people who follow a minority religion. Nor is separation of church and state an anti-religious principle. "Secular" means "not based on religion"—it doesn't mean "hostile to religion." As every public school teacher and every parent should know, the purpose of separation is to protect religious liberty. As government becomes involved in religion, interpretations of the true meaning of "God" and "faith" inevitably drift toward one narrowly-defined denominational vision. Many Christian denominations in the U.S., including Baptists and Catholics, have actively supported separation to prevent their own religious identities being pushed aside by a different concept of God. The Southern Baptist Conference understood the point so well that it included separation of church and state as one of its founding principles.

For more information about the SHL and the next meeting, see the latest issue of our newsletter.

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