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Aug 30 2007
"Planet Earth's First and Only Atheist Music Station&am

I got an e-mail from a guy in New Zealand named Paul advertising his new "Pagan Radio" station on the internet:

The description on the web page of what they play says:

what sort of stuff do you play?

firstly letís dispel any preconceptions regarding the notion of atheist music.

this is not a station playing death metal interspersed with expletives and ridicule.

the same applies to 'mother f***king' type rap music.

nor was i bitten by a christian as a child and harbouring some sort of deep seated grudge leading to a hate campaign.

i avoid material that has the sole (soul?) goal of being offensive.

humourous? yes.

the down right offensive? nope.

politically incorrect? 100% so.

tasteless? to a big wuss, probably.

my aim is to provide brain food for discerning listeners, coupled with out & out pagan peevishness.

ps; before i forget, there's also a far sprinkling of material that celebrates science & discovery.

yeah, but what sort of artists write anti-theist type songs?

a multitude over all musical genres.

alanis morisette & marilyn manson make unlikely bed partners.

joni mitchell & limp bizkit (now that i can imagine!)

metallica & patti smith .

ani difranco & the bloodhound gang

sting & stone temple pilots.

third eye blind & xtc.

tori amos & thomas dolby (more exciting watching your parents)

frank zappa & rob zombie.

radiohead & annie lennox, modest mouse, pixies, sonic youth, bush, ween, gabage and the eclectic list of artists goes on........

a veritable potpourri of styles.

the type music may change. the message doesn't.

so how much programming do you have?

200 plus songs are playing in any one rotation.

there's another 400 songs in my bank so the content never goes stale.

this music bank is being continually added to, thanks to listeners.

It's free, but uses up some bandwidth. If you've got a fast internet connection, give it a try!

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