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Dec 7 2005
Potluck Party at the home of Warren and Pat McCarl

The SHL's December meeting will take the form of a Potluck Party at the home of Warren and Pat McCarl on December 18th at 4PM.

Please join us for a potluck party on Sunday, Decem?ber 18 at Warren and Pat McCarl’s lovely home in the Coosaw Creek golf community. Starting at 4 p.m., we’ll celebrate our friendship with a purely social gathering.

Of course, being a potluck, partygoers are expected to bring food to share, but there are no rules about what to bring or sign up lists. Bring any food and/or beverage you like. Somehow it always seems to work out so that we get enough of our our five basic food groups: appetizers, salads, main courses, side dishes and deserts.

Also, please don’t forget to bring along any re-sellable books you want to donate for our annual freethought book auction, with Herb Silverman serving as our ever popular and friendly auctioneer. (All proceeds will go to the SHL treasury, so plan to buy a book or two if you can.)

We hope to see you there, and especially invite people on our mailing list who? rarely come to meetings, as well as past speakers who are not members. There will be no meeting at Gage Hall this month but we will return to our regular meeting format in January.

Driving directions to the McCarl’s house

4287 Persimmons Woods Drive

1) Take the airport exit off I-526. Turn onto International Boulevard (heading towards the airport).

2) Before you enter the airport, make a left at the traffic light onto Michaux Parkway.

3) Michaux Parkway ends at Dorchester Road which is the first stoplight you come to. Turn right onto Dorchester Road , heading north toward Summerville.

4) Continue on Dorchester Road for about 9 miles (past the Air Force Base and mall at Ashley Phosphate Road) to the Coosaw Creek entrance. This is about 0.8 miles past Ashley Phosphate Road. There is a traffic light and a Hess gas station at the entrance.

5) Enter and continue to the Guard House (0.5 miles). Continue up Club Course Drive, and 1.1 miles past Guard House make a left turn onto Persimmon Woods Drive.

6) Continue about 0.6 miles on Persimmons Woods Drive until you come to a cul de sac. The McCarl’s house is set back, at the left of the cul de sac as you approach it, and has a long white porch.

Dec 19 2005
Food & wine potluck excellent, book auction fun

All apparently had a great time, nearly a score of jovial freethinkers present. Kudos to Herb Silverman for conducting a fine auction of donated and discussed books. Bill Upshur recommended that any professor of higher education may nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize.....and he suggested that Herb be so nominated for his work towards greater intelligence and civil rights for all as now we can hold elective office or notary public positions notwithstanding the South Carolina Constitution. Null and void under the US Consitution is the former requirement that a supreme being be believed in as a religious test for office holders. Without Herb, the war upon thought by believers may yet rage. I'd call that peacemaking where it really counts. Come on you professors, get out your pen and write to the Nobel Committee and don't let Karol Wotjyla win it unopposed this year. (Alias John Paul II buried in the Vatican) Bill described the pope in donkey posteriour terms.

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