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Oct 3 2005
October Meeting: Archeology and Ancient Israel

The SHL's October meeting will be held at the usual time and place (Sunday Oct 16, 4PM, Gage Hall, 4 Archdale Street, Charleston). Here's an abstract of the talk:

During the past hundred years, archeological discoveries have reshaped our understanding of ancient Israel. From buildings and documents of the Israelites themselves, the monuments left by their contemporary neighbors and the writings of the Canaanites who preceded them, we have developed a picture of the biblical world which is in some ways stunningly different than the preconceptions we have gained from readings of the Bible. In this talk, Alex Kasman (who is not a professional historian or archeologist, just an interested amateur) will describe six controversial theories that have grown out of these discoveries and evaluate the strength of the evidence that support them.

Oct 8 2005
if you don't make this meeting

Veterans and other interested people to caravan to Washington DC for the Atheists In Foxholes March, if you want to ride share or drive, send me an email or talk at this meeting about when to leave and a joint itinery....we are thousands strong and all are dedicated to repudiating the notion that only believers serve our nation and worse claims to be confronted that Christians are superiour to Muslims or Buddhists and therefore they should die in war while "we" must prevail....such a crusading mentality just feeds the fatalistic terroristic desperation to become suicide bombers for their paradise with 72 virgins awaiting their carcasses post detonation....paint your own sign, wear your secular freethought billboard clothing, have bumperstickers for display along THE MALL and before the Steps of Congress

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