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Mar 6 2005
Wife Swap features atheists

On March 16, 2005 at 10PM ET, ABC-TV will broadcast its show "Wife Swap". I, personally, consider the show to be of questionable taste and questionable quality. I was therefore a bit worried when I learned that they were planning a show featuring a swap of an atheist wife and a devoutly Christian wife. However, in at least one area they have shown that they have taste!

The atheist chosen to swap families on the show was not just any old atheist, but Amber Finley, co-host of the popular Infidel Guy show (! Even to this couch potato, that seems like a good choice! Maybe the show won't be so bad after all.

Mar 6 2005

I have never watched that show, but I will be tuning in to see this episode!

Mar 6 2005

This should be interesting.

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