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Sep 15 2011
Do we have a "woman problem"?

I just read a news story about sexism among atheists. Anyone who reads only the first four paragraphs is going to be left with the impression that there is a huge problem, though the rest of the article presents a more balanced view if you get to it.

But, I'm left wondering, is there really a problem? Maybe I'm naive, or maybe South Carolinian freethinkers are less sexist than those elsewhere, but I've never noticed any of the things they mention. SHL meetings seem to have a nice mix of men and women. Our guest speakers also seem to be from both genders. Okay, I don't think we've had a female president yet, but a lot of our board members are women. [Maybe it's about time we had a female president, though.]

Anyway, I should mention that I'm male, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has a different impression than me. Am I just blind to the sexism in our group?

Oct 28 2011
Re: Do we have a "woman problem"?

I have not noticed this problem of sexism within SHL, either. And I don't feel men go out of their way to make women feel equal, either. It just seems that things pretty much balance out without any effort.

Amy (as in a female member)

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