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Jun 27 2011
10 worst states to be an atheist

I spotted this "top ten" list online and of course had to wonder whether South Carolina was going to be one of them.

See here.

As it turns out, the Palmetto State did not make this countdown, while states like Pennsylvania and North Carolina did!

What to think of that? Is it actually as bad here as in some of those other states, but that it just doesn't get as much attention as elsewhere?

But, reading through the descriptions of the problems had by others, and thinking about the few local incidents that bothered me here in recent years, I'm thinking it may really be that our state is now sufficiently tolerant and aware of church/state separation guidelines to no longer be one of the 10 worst offenders. If so, I think the SHL and its activities are at least partly responsible for this surprisingly good ranking!

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