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Dec 19 2009
Those in transition need support

One of the letter writers in the December issue of Free Inquiry magazine said: "One of the concerns that I have had with our secular humanist movement is that we do not provide any type of support for individuals going through personal travails in their journey from theism to humanism or simply while living their lives".

I think that SHL does offer some support by sponsoring the book study club, the movie club, and activities for families. I do find a scarcity of compassion, however, when we participate in group discussions which often include criticism of, or ridiculing of, believers. If someone in the early stages of the "journey" were to be present during such discussions, I am afraid they would not feel very supported. I believe there is a way for us to express our concerns with religious dogmatism without sounding like we lack compassion. You all know how, so let's do it and set an example for the entire humanist movement.

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