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Dec 17 2009
the best answer to "Where do you go to church?"

oh, we homechurch. !!!!! lol! I'm going to have to try this one. If only I can remember it when the opportunity presents itself.

From Dale McGowan's Meming of Life blog...

Mar 22 2010
Re: the best answer to "Where do you go to church?"

That's perfect! Thank you.

Mar 29 2010
Re: the best answer to "Where do you go to church?"

my answer often is in 500+ different congregations in 44 states..... it's not that hard, my first "church" was my mothers, they took me to dozens for funerals, weddings, high school graduations and my various Boy Scout Troops in '58-'62. Since then, I've mostly refused to allow anyone to call me a xian and prefer Atheist as my title inferring religious facilities. I love to sing and have accepted invitations to many churches, synogogus, mosques, societies and meeting halls. I do not utter certain religious words like god if in song. Unitarian Universalist societies are renowned for changing the words to familiar hymns, usually substitution "love" for the gawd senseless word. Such a leading question as "where do you go to church" would be insulting if asked of most Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists, Bahai, Hindu, Jains, Wiccan and Animists. If I see such a question coming from some bible thumper, I confont them: " do you realized how painful it is to assume a Jewish person is an xian? 6 million Jews were killed by Christians. Think again if you feel compelled to assume all must participate in your religion."

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