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Dec 4 2009
"the war on Christmas"

Some stores apparently realized that not all of their customers want to be wished a "Merry Christmas" (since, it turns out, not all of them are Christian) and thought (sensibly, I would have thought) that wishing people "Happy Holidays" was a safe alternative since it includes everyone (even complete heathens like me who celebrate only secular holidays like New Year's). But, what they failed to take into account is that there are some Christians who (following Jesus' admonitions to pray in a closet, and to turn the other cheek, and to give to Caesar what is Caesar's and 900 other quotes that they claim to follow but actually ignore in practice) are SO offended that anyone might acknowledge that non-Christians exist that they've declared it to be a WAR.

This isn't news. We've had to deal with this one-sided war every year for a long while now. Apparently, our side is doing pretty well despite the fact that I haven't noticed any of us fighting for it! I've got no problem with the people who want to celebrate Christmas. That is their right, and I would fight for their right to do so. It is the ones who think that it is their right to make sure that EVERYONE celebrates Christmas -- regardless of whether they are Christian -- who are the problem.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm writing so much about this since my original point was just to tell you the Hemant Mehta, who writes much better than me, had a nice essay on this just posted here and I wanted to recommend it to you.

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