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Oct 3 2009
"invention of lying" an atheistic movie?

I saw the ads for the new Ricky Gervais comedy "The Invention of Lying" and didn't think I wanted to see it. (Gervais can be funny, but the plot -- about a world where nobody has ever conceived of lying and the benefits that come to the first man who conceives of it -- sounds annoying.)

Now, I see that some are bothered by something that wouldn't bother me: the film apparently portrays religion as the biggest lie of all.

The New York Post said:

“The movie is a full-on attack on religion in general and Christianity in particular. It might be the most blatantly, one-sidedly atheist movie ever released by a major studio, in this case Warner Bros.”

and the Miami Herald said

It “may well be the first mainstream atheism-based feature film.”

Anyone out there seen it yet? Is this religion angle interesting enough that I should overcome my reservations and see it?

Oct 27 2009
Re: "invention of lying" an atheistic movie?

I have not seen the movie and cannot comment, but I highly recommend going to youtube and watching gervais speak about the bible. I think he is very clever in his criticism of the bible not to mention hilarious. I enjoy his work very much and applaud that someone has been brave enough to speak for atheists.

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