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Jul 19 2009
Interstate 26

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed seeing the websites billboard on the side of Interstate 26 a few months ago. It happened to go up right as I was going through a period where I was really looking critically at the whole religion circus. I never was a man of god by any means but I'm the kind of person who does not like to be on the fence too much about things. That billboard really did help me realize there are other people in this area that are not religious. Realizing this has made me more comfortable in expressing my views to other people.

It seems lately that 26 has been littered with billboards promoting churches, religious websites etc. I drive up and down 26 nearly everyday and would like to once again see a billboard that takes my side. I am certainly not about rubbing my beliefs (or lack of) in other people's faces however, it is nice to know that you are not alone.

I created this post simply to say I would like to see another billboard up someday. If plans are made to put another billboard up it would be neat to have members submit ideas for what it could say and then everyone could vote on their favorite one. Like I said that last billboard was very important to me and I have been much happier now that I feel like I can be open about my thoughts. You never know who could drive past it and be in the same place I was and it could help them like it helped me.

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