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Jun 12 2009
religion knocks at your door

What do you do when religion knocks on your door?

everyone claims they are rude to these people and they brush them off like common salesmen.. but really. what do you?

I had my run in today.. a women trying to sign me up for a convention.. isn't it always a convention around here? anyhow.

I told her I was NOT interested, but thank you for attempting to spread happiness to everyone you see, it seems like such hard work.

What did you do?

Jun 12 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

Hi, what convention? "His Women?" A woman knocking on your door and you are a woman? Depends on what you know about the invitation. Because I've been studying religion for decades I have lots to say to these people. I have questions and something to confront them about, not in general but specifically. It is a stretch for anyone to go door to door to recruit attendance at a Promise Keepers or a creepy convocation of any kind. Was this person a neighbor, 5 doors down? If you want to say anything to them besides shaming them for promoting irrationality, hell threats, heaven bribes or theocracy in our secular nation, demand they stop killing abortion doctors, demand they stop voting for gangsters like Boy Bush. Demand they repudiate their King James Bible that calls us Atheists "fools" and "reprobates." Demand they stop hating gays & lesbians & demand full marriage equality for all loving adult couples with full rights of law. Demand they stop promoting creationism and attacking science or sex ed in our schools for our children. Just blowing them off with a personal, not specific insult will do little to spread 3rd and 4 wave messages. When you shock them with a dose of reality, a question for their clouded brains to repeat & mull over, then maybe a child or a doubting Thomas amongst them will think about your "virus" they take back into their circles. An insult is what the creeps expect. Try this one: CAIN WAS A VEGAN HERO! ABLE SENSELESSLY SLAUGHTER INNOCENT LITTLE LAMBS TO JEHOVAH WHILE CAIN LIVED A SENSIBLE LIFESTYLE OF FRUITS, GRAINS & NUTS, NO HIGH CHOLESTEROL THERE. Make these idiots think about their bible content. Tell them the KJbible is PRO ABORTION, QUOTE Hosea 13:16, 2 Kings 15:16, 2 Kings 6:12 Amos & Nahum too, all read "rip open the bellies of pregnant women." Demand they thing about their obscene unmailable pornographic bible. Tell them President McKinley pardoned Charles Chilton Moore for the "crime of mailing obscene bible verses" Song of Solomon word for word, that is all. Don't feel like you are merely "denying god/s" but demanding proof from these advocates for alleged deities, alleged holy books, alleged survivors of executions. Jehovah, Jeebus & Ghost holes is an easy target. Demand they pay their fair share of property taxes, why should we who do not attend their churches or conventions pay for their sewer, streets, police & fire protection? They are the thieves taking while giving so little in return. National Council of Churches statistics remain less than 3 percent of all church budgets go to actual charity helping people, all the rest is salary, buildings activities only members enjoy. Church owned hospitals have long ago abandoned Hill Burton law obligations. Churches take not give. Religion harms, not helps.

Jun 13 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

I keep in mind that most people proselytizing really have good intentions (less selfish than most door-to-door salespeople), that they didn't come to hear my explanations of why I disagree with them no matter how well thought out my viewpoints, and that I've got better things to do with my time than explain my worldview to someone who is not likely to appreciate it.

Putting all of that together, Melio, and I think you're response:

I told her I was NOT interested, but thank you for attempting to spread happiness to everyone you see, it seems like such hard work.

was just fine.

Jun 14 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

a simple no thank you may relieve you of the moment at the door, but we freethought advocates have a duty to advance our agenda, accordingly I often let these neighbors know that Atheism is in the science and progress camp and their hell threats and heaven bribes are no different than the 9/11 kamikazees campers who killed for 72 virgins promised to them in their violent religion....

Jun 15 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

Larry, I fail to see how your approach "advances our agenda". Shouting your beliefs to those who disagree with you and insulting them never achieves the goal of changing their minds and it certainly won't improve their opinion of you.

If your goal really is to convince more people to agree with us and convince those who are never going to agree with us at least to put aside their prejudices of atheists, you might want to reconsider your approach. In the real world as in a debate, knowing when to hold your tongue and when to be polite are as important as being right.

Jun 26 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

Yeah, Larry, I completely agree w/ n-atheist here. Firstly, you're not an evangelist; you are under no compulsion to advance any agenda but your own. Secondly, if you'd like to help these salesmen/saleswomen of religion to see the light, you'd be much more successful with the soft sell: "Why thank you, but no. You see, I am an atheist." ... "No, I don't worship Satan. I just don't see how Yahweh or Jehovah or whoever is any different from Thor or Zeus or Mithra, and I think we can agree (whether you know about 'em or not)that those gods aren't real." ... "No. I don't think there's any such place as Hell--or Heaven for that matter, so that doesn't scare me into believing. It's an awful lot like the Underworld of other mythologies don't you think?? I'd rather face reality in this life than reject it to live on puffy white clouds in some imaginary afterlife. How can you reject everything around you in favor of an imaginary plane of existence that you get to go to if you delude your..." ... "Oh. OK. Well, have a nice afternoon."

I watched a neighbor's atheist, former meth-head boyfriend (ie. he talks a lot and really fast) talk a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses off his porch a couple years ago. They slowly backed away and practically ran out of his yard. He wasn't being the least bit rude. He just told them what he thought. They didn't counter him (as if they could get a word in edgewise). It was the funniest damn thing I've ever seen.

Jun 27 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

Peace and love to those who knock on my door and those who want to fight. I may disagree with those who knock, but I defend their right to do so. I agree with those who said that arguing with the door knockers produces only continued distrust and misunderstanding.

Frank H.

Jul 31 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

I wonder if taking a chalk board and marking it every time one of these religious people come knocking to sell me on the religion of the day would be a fun idea. maby print up pamplets or something to hand back to them.

I'm just not sure. taking a count might be scientific sound to at least point out the AMOUNT of non-science I am in contact on a tracked progress chart.

in the short term, tho I would like to point out that campaigns in general are worldwide. by all groups, be it atheist or not.. here's a cute one in England.

Aug 26 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

I came across this response to a similar topic on the Atheist Nexus.

I have to give my father credit... normally I think of him as a fascist... but in this regard he turned out to be allot like myself.

A JW lady came by my parents place, my father talked to her on the doorstep for a while, then asked her to come in, provided she leaves her book etc by the side door.

He poured tea, and they got talking.

She at first started trying to tell him about her religion... He told her, put your religion away for a moment, I invited you in, not your church.

He got her talking about who she was etc. Every time she would bring up religion, he'd tell her in a nice way to stow it... you're invited into my home, your church isn't.

After a long chat, both of them on good terms, my father said

"Peace, Understanding, and everything good relies on us, not a god, not a church... just people."

Every time she's on her route, she pops in to my parents place for coffee/tea and a chat... and she's learned to leave her religion at the door.

I don't suppose she leaves her religion outside anyone else's door... but I have to respect him on the way he handled her.

Sep 17 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

Religion always comes up at hard times and the religious are always there claiming they have a solution for it.

Then they knock right at my door, asking me about my faith, selling me religion like a vacuum cleaner. and trust me they both suck.

I was going to keep a tally of how many , which churches were knocking, what they were selling. mock it. whatever. but then I started telling the door to door

religions .. I'm just not interested. it seems pretty strict at the time. but I make a valid point of disinterest that tends to send a shiver down they're spine.

I'm just not interested. please don't bother me anymore.

it seems a little pushy. but why lie to them, or play with them. they don't understand us. they can't be anywhere like us. because peacefulness and morality doesnt come from a book, or a church or a venue. it's simply not going to be sold to me. because I'm not interested in it.

Bill and Ted
Sep 18 2009
Re: religion knocks at your door

because peacefulness and morality doesnt come from a book, or a church or a venue. it's simply not going to be sold to me. because I'm not interested in it.


What is the "it" in "I'm not interested in it"? From the way you said it, it almost sounds like you're saying you're not interested in peacefulness and morality. I'm thinking that's not what you meant to say, but I'm not sure.

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