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Nov 20 2007
I Fear This Group!

Hi, I'm new to this discussion group, reside in Summerville, and no; it is not the SHL that I fear, (but what a way to grab attention!)

The group that scares me is called Christian Exodous, I scanned the posts expecting to see some mention of them, but I may have missed it.

This group aims to infiltrate the South Carolina state government and eventually secede from the United States to form its own separate Christian republic.

A quick search of the name at archives will produce the article in the Faith & Values section I had stumbled upon.

Check out the Wikipedia article:

and their home pages:

P.S. I know I must belong here, I've been using the name evo for years; but I hadn't expected it to be available here.

Nov 24 2007

The only faith I have is that in today's western society some mentally deranged people might join groups like this and by membership will benefit the few that control the finances of the club. It is the same logic of the one eyed guy leading the blind.

I do not see these groups ever gaining popularity past a certain small community group if there are no direct financial benefits from being a member, either through networking or direct benefit. They are usually comprised by uneducated working class stiffs with tons of problems who seek shelter in a community of scapegoaters.

Of course if they would advocate violence and interference with the lives of others, despite of how small they are, they are violating a law and therefore must be restricted from doing so. I personally do not have much faith in the "state" to protect our lives and liberties. I think we need to constantly struggle and protect them ourselves.

If I see them demonstrating and advocating their stupidity trying to recruit others I am all for counterdemostrating and revealing their false proposals.

What it is obvious in this and most other religious groups is that a minority view with a populist veil is being proposed to be imposed to all others, which for pretending they are constitutionalists they miss the idea of democracy all together.


Nov 25 2007
I fear this group?

Hello Summerville, welcome to the SHL lists.

I can understand how you might fear a new round of secessionism given Charleston's history of starting the war at Fort Sumter 146 years ago. Nonetheless, the people to fear are not the KKK or other extremist religious & racist violent little groups THE PEOPLE TO FEAR ARE THE DEADLY THEOCRATS IN THE WHITE HOUSE, PENTAGON & court houses Columbia to Columbus. Yes 78 per cent of alleged voters embraced fundamentalist hate of homosexuals last November in this state.

But it only takes one third of the US Senate to block a majority of the people for law enforcement called the US Constitution.

Boy Bush has such a Senatorial cabal to keep him in his illegally obtained "presidency." His only shroud is his core constituency of rabid bible thumpers. A large majority want the corrupt war profiteers impeached & removed from office but people are savvy enough to understand the votes are not there to indict Cheney & W yet for their crimes.

The American Revolution was literally fought over "divine rights of kings" to tax just a few pennies from farmers & merchants, yet today, trillions of dollars in inflation & banking frauds & borrowed money for a genocidal war for oil & the worst of the industrialists are not enough to mobilize a sedentary middle class for justice. As Pogo said: "I've met the enemy & it is us." People don't mind praying to the flag as long as they have lots of money with In god We Trust printed on it.

A relative handful of xians may indeed grab power in Dover, PA & try to shove their anti-science religion down the throats of all public school students, but even a Republican Judge appointed by boy Bush found for evolution over creationism in disguise from genesis called "intelligent design." The problem is not some extreme isolated power grab, it is the mainstreaming of corruption in the White House, Congress & the US Sup Ct poised to do more than "legalize" the halting of vote counting so that a brother in Flordia can install a Texas incompetent on Pennsylvania Avenue.

McCarthyism is alive & well, just a bit more sophisticated than Jim Crow & red baiting of the past. When people are ready to guard against any intrusion upon their liberties in large numbers, not just a few hundred Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry, real progress may be had towards reversing the theocracy of whites only circa 1956, xians only circa 1996 & heterosexuals only circa 2006. Blacks may no longer get lynched, but this state refuses to fund public schools for them. The Republican Party is merely an arm of establishment white churches. Now the scapegoats are lesbians & gays who want to inherit from one another in relationships illegally called marriages. All of that is learned from the pulpit, not here in this little SHL group yet feared by many thousands of bible thumpers.

All we have to do is speak out, quote their bible back to them.

I do every Saturday at the birth control clinic where the zealots scream abortion is murder according to their bible, when in fact the King James Bible is only pro-violent abortion in 4 passages, like Hosea 13:16

Welcome to the freethought family of non-believers.

Keep telling it like it is. The secessionists don't have a prayer.

Nov 25 2007

:twisted: FinE! Be that way yunkee! I will advocate for the independent and atheist South Carolina as a sovereign country!

Between Washington lead theism and independent anti-theism South Carolinians may choose the later.

No, seriously I think Larry has a point here and the point is taking a stance against religion and its organized institutions is a political statement. And if you stand against those institutions you stand against the ruling elite that embrace one an other as long as they can suck the working people dry and put profits in their pockets.

They may talk about organized crime, but the only difference with this oligarchy system is they have managed to take over government and make their crimes the law!

Selling a chinese screwdriver that says General Dynamics on it for $500 to the same people who debate on the financial future of the social security and Medicare systems, while they preach of open competitve markets, should have been a crime, but it is not.

"You can not petition the law with prayer" said Jim Morrison in one of his "poems"........

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