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Aug 12 2007
John Saffran vs. God show

Just found out about a television show hosted by an atheist that questions religious beliefs with an aim at humor (at least for other atheists).

It's called John Saffran vs. God and its on the Sundance channel, but video clips are also on the show's website for free. This link is to an episode in which John Saffran and his director dress like Mormon missionaries (but with name tags identifying them as atheists) and go door to door in Salt Lake City, trying to introduce Mormons to atheism.

If you like it, send John Saffran some fan mail (he probably gets plenty of the opposite) and it might worth dropping a thank you note to the Sundance Channel too for running it.

Aug 13 2007

thanks for the heads up....i had seen the mormon episode online somewhere...pretty funny.

Nov 25 2007
Imported Austrailian on U. S. Television with Atheist Humor

John Safran is often hilarious. And usually informative too. Sue & I have seen about six of his shows & his heavy English accent is almost shrill but few words are unknown to us.

The show is like a cross between David Letterman & Madalyn O'Hair. Dry & somewhat combative talk show that goes out "on the street." More like a one man Monty Python spoof of religions.

This is not my idea of Atheist entertainment but since George Carlin & Julia Sweeney are about the only two Atheists out there getting laughs John Safran is a welcome addition to the small number of frequent Atheist comics on the air.

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