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Jun 6 2007
we must exploit his weaknesses....

...and coerce him back to the dark Barack Obama.

"There are aspects of Christian tradition that I'm comfortable with and aspects that I'm not. There are passages of the Bible that make perfect sense to me and others that I go, 'Ya know, I'm not sure about that,'" he said, shrugging and stammering slightly.

The three main Dems are very much Christian (despite Barack's admitted skepticism). Hilary recently claimed her faith in God helped her get through the trials with Bill. Edwards states that God is helping him cope with his wife's terminal illness. Barack happily tells the story of his conversion from a non-religious upbringing (why did you throw it all away Barack? why?!).

The one Republican who I like, Ron Paul (for his stance against the war), is illiterate enough to state that secularism is ruining the christian view the founding fathers had in mind!! I sent him a message on his website educating him on his mistake and quoting the Treaty of Tripoli as one example.

I do read about and vote for third party candidates too.

Just a rambling message.

I'm interested in some feedback though. Do you vote for someone who you believe in ...even if they don't have a chance on winning?

Jun 6 2007
Christianity, candidates, culture, and balls!

I thought they were all Christian or grew up in Christian families. Am I wrong to believe so?

Philosophically we can be critical of religion as its structure and organization exerts political power that is not democratic.

Politically we should be critical of the Christian religion alone as it is the influential force of the control of 95% of the earth's resources, and about 60% of the population, directly or indirectly.

A common misconception is the culture of the Christian religion which is not universal. A recent comment by a fellow humanist who grew up in the Jewish religion, pointed out that it is Christian churches that have this intolerance to laughter, children voices, running and playing....! Not really true, it is the culture of Anglo Saxon Christians that have this intolerance, not Christians in general. The Mediterranean and Latin American Christians are not as uptight and constipated about it. It is the culture of Anglos and Germans that is prevalent in this society.

I'm not defending Med. Christians in any way, I'm pointing out the difference between culture and religion and although there are significant influences the sources of those influences are not common.

So back to the topic, who is it that is not influenced by Anglo Saxon Christian upbringing from those people? The black guy right? Hmmm... I have this feeling that he ahs spent the majority of his life trying to escape this identity problem, so I'll go for a deeper difference among them.

Which candidate doesn't have balls?


Jun 8 2007

Well, Barack is not black....he is bi-racial (half white, half black) - to pick just one is to deny the reality of his ethnicity. His mother was an atheist...not sure if she converted after he was born because she married a muslim man (step-father) when Barack was still young. Barack's religious upbringing was largely islamic and christian (grandparents I believe)....but i'm sure his mother must have lent him an open mind.

All christians have a common influence....the bible....and no matter what language it's translated in or what culture is trying to interpret's still the same mythology. Granted there are going to be myriad interpretations...hence the hundreds of christian denominations. Cultures definitely have an impact on a societal and personal level...but regardless the language it's spoken in, japanese, spanish, or tagalog, god created the universe and jeebus died on the cross for our sins.

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