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May 7 2007
SHL members in Charlotte?

Curious to know if there are any SHL members (or non-members who attend the meetings, watch the website, etc) in the Charlotte area.

Just thinking about the possibility of carpooling to meetings next season, maybe a sub-group meeting here...I dunno... I'm not interested in starting anything formal; but would like to know if anybody is in my area.

If interested, fire me a note on the email system...



May 11 2007
Charlotte Area American Atheists

Look up the Voswinkle Family for folks who have been actively fighting for American Atheist civil rights since the '80's. I'm not so sure that anyone makes the trip from Charlotte all the way to Charleston, SC but maybe Herb can recall such well traveled Secular Humanists? There are many freethought groups:,, American Rationalists, Ethical Culture, Unitarian Universalists & other membership groups & magazine subscribers of many freethought journals, but few if any will release a name of private members to you. Some are public persons, known well to the news media, so I passed such a person on to you above.

Join, one, join several or join all to find your neighbors who are free from religion or just put an ad in the paper with your phone number, out of the many who may try to convert you to one brand of lunatic xian drivel or another, a few may be like mindeds person eager to make a friend. That's not "formal" but nor is it remaining isolated. Best wishes on your outreach, peace, Larry Carter Center 843-763-7304

May 15 2007
Thanks !

Hey, thanks there Larry Carter Center...Appreciate it !

You wrote "....but few if any will release a name of private members to you."

Nah, of course I wouldn't want anybody - or any group - to post contact names. But there is the private SHL email we can use to link up... in all honesty, it needs to remain among SHL members. I'm thinking there must be a few in Char or upstate SC....

Anyway, Cheers! And thanx again...

-- RF

May 16 2007

Actually, the SHL lives up to its name. Nearly all of our members are in the Lowcountry (aka "Coastal South Carolina"). Looking at our list of members, I see one from Asheville and one from Pineville, North Carolina. Then there are a handful from places like Georgia, Florida, Virginia and even New Jersey. (Most of these, I think, are people who moved away from the Lowcountry after being local members and just maintained their membership.)

However, I don't see ANY members from South Carolina away from the coast. I mean, we've got people from the Beufort area, and lots in greater Charleston, but nobody from Rock Hill or anything like that.

We really are a local group. Of course, since this is the WWW, people from ANYPLACE can visit this website...but as for paying members, nearly all are within driving distance of Charleston.

I know that we have "sister groups" in the SC upstate and midlands...perhaps you could check with them?



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