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Jul 16 2009
Fields to Families Volunteering

Being very interested in the ethical side of the the group's principles, I was really pleased a few years ago when we started organizing SHL volunteers to help local charities. I am even more pleased now that we've found Fields to Families since it seems to be a really great organization.

The idea is this: Once a farmer has finished getting crops out of their field and is about to plow it under, they let F2F volunteers go through and glean the field, getting all of the good produce that is left. The organization then makes certain that this food gets directly to needy families who rarely are able to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables. Compared with other charitable organizations I have been involved with, this one seems particularly well run and serious about the end results. In fact, from what I've heard, the director ensures that the food gets to the people who need it absolutely free, going so far as to stop distributing through one source that charged even a moderate processing fee.

We have volunteered for them twice so far. (Both times were at Rosebank Farm on John's Island, and both times Amy Monsky and her kids went as well.) The first time we picked beans and cabbages. This last time we picked yellow cherry tomatoes. We'll be going again soon, gleaning at Boone Hall in Mount Pleasant this time. For us at least, it is really fun to be working on a farm, and it is nice to know that our efforts will help someone in need to be able to eat more nutritiously. (And, although it is definitely a secondary consideration, I also feel that I am helping the goals of the SHL by letting our religious neighbors know that people who don't believe in the supernatural are charitable and interested in helping their fellow man, too.)

If you'd like to glean with Fields to Families via the SHL, please write to our volunteer coordinator: Nancy Worley (


PS Here are a few pictures of us at Rosebank Farms:




Jul 17 2009
Re: Fields to Families Volunteering

I agree with Alex that this is a lot of fun. It is a great way to spend a morning. FTF will be gleaning this Saturday and also this upcoming Monday-Wednesday at Boone Hall Plantation if anyone is interested. You must register as a volunteer first. You can do on their website.

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