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How did you become non-religious?

Sep 22 2009
how i broke the spell

Hi, I'm Tommy. I'm new to the board. Anyway, I tried. Honest truth I tried to believe that Jesus was the son of "God". I always had my doubts (who hasn't that's seen Tammy Fae) and I do remember asking my grandmother, "What if you die and never hear of Jesus, Does that mean you go to hell?" Only being like 8 or 9, but her not really answering that question to my satisfaction ruined it for me.

Well that exact moment didn't ruin it for me exactly. I went to church with my grandfather, some tabernacle other side of the family kind of deal. I went with him for months and liked it. One day out of the clear blue the old ladies of the church started hooting and hollering, crying, shaking, and speaking some craziness. It was the beginning of the service, my grandfather had seen it before but he enjoys the church. He saw that I was genuinely terrified and so we left. Terrified, I was 18 years old. Haha, I think it should be illegal for children to attend any religious shindig until they're 18.

I didn't feel comfortable to talk about religion or my lack there of until recently. I truly believe that fact if people didn't believe in their God(s) this rock in the solar system would be a lot better place. Think with your brains not with your holy books.

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