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How did you become non-religious?

Jul 7 2009
Born an atheist

Ahoy - everyone is born an atheist.

How else does one explain that Baptists only have Baptist children? ... or Jews only have Jewish children? ...or Muslims only have children of Islam?

Is it genetics? Maybe, but then how does one predict the religion of the offspring of a Methodist and a Catholic? Are Catholic genes dominant? Suppose one of our soldiers in Iraq hooks up with a Muslim woman - what religion will the child adhere to? Too far fetched? How about the child of a GI and a Vietnamese hooker?

Religion is indoctrination , especially of children. It could be considered a form of child abuse but I'm not ready to inject the guv'mt in to the family.


Jul 13 2010
Re: Born an atheist

If you ever get a chance, check out The God Delusion (by Richard Dawkins), and turn to Chapter 5.

This chapter gives scientific, physiological reasons why humans are predisposed to accept religion. It really helped me understand the argument that we are all born atheist.

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