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How did you become non-religious?

Apr 29 2009
It took a long while to recover

My early years were full of absolute certainty about god. I was indoctrinated by indoctrinated people who were so certain of their views that I was at least 5 or 6 before I knew there were other religions. I remember having my mouth washed with soap for asking how they were so sure about these things. In high school I made a concerted effort to stop the automatic response of prayer and it was like losing 80 pounds. Actually, at the same time I did lose about 80 pounds. Became self reliant.

Lately, it's not been enough that I don't belong to a religion but I see myself getting angry about it. A minister introduced me to his little girl and I asked her what grade she was in at the local school. Just talking kid stuff, you know? She said she didn't go to that school but went to bible school. I looked at her and felt so sad and said, "I'm terribly sorry to hear that." Her Dad looked about ready to faint and she asked me why and I told her she was missing so much important stuff in life. Well, he'll never talk with me again.

When our kids were in school we were somewhat ostracized for not belonging to a church but we didn't need or want superstition dependence. I couldn't understand how important that was for the kids and how little support they had in school because of it and I'm sorry that I let them down. I just did not understand that intelligent people were so pressed into a mold over it. Dumb of me.

What really pushed me into the anti religious group was George W. His smirky ways were just too much for me.

This website introduced me to Julia Sweeney so I found her on You Tube and she's brilliant. It never ceases to amaze me to hear the story of the Mormons. I can't seem to remember it. It is so totally out of reality. So entirely absurd. It doesn't fit into any of the spaces of my mind but when she compared their story to the Catholic church they both sounded ridiculous.

This website also led me to the church of the flying spaghetti monster. Is that right? At any rate, it is brilliant and the letter to the Kansas BOE is brilliant and I love it all. Bushmademechange

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