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How did you become non-religious?

David Agnew
Apr 28 2009
I think I was born non-religious

Religion never held any attraction for me. When I heard of parting the sea and walking on water, I was immediately skeptical, and never found any reason to abandon that skepticism. I once thought rain was god pissing on us, but it made no sense that his pee was visible and he wasn't, nor did sitting on clouds make much sense. As I got older I tried to understand how god could allow little Vietnamese kids to be slowly burned to death by napalm from a 'Christian' nation, and why anyone would call that a merciful god. Did not compute without severe mental trickery. In Central America I witnessed extremely poor villagers worshiping in a church filled with gold. Priests looked like greedy hypocrites.

Snake oil salesman are prevalent.

cupid's psyche
May 4 2009
Re: I think I was born non-religious

me too!!

I never felt the need to "believe". I thought church was nutty (as a child I was taken to the Unitarian church at times by my dad who was raised Catholic, but was agnostic and my mother who was some mish-mosh of Christian upbringing)

I am now married to someone who USED to be Mormon but is not non-theist/atheist, whatever you want to call it, like me!

Jun 12 2009
Re: I think I was born non-religious

everyone is born non-religious. Religion begins with barbarities of antiquity, circumcizing baby boys. No medical reason for amputating a prepuce, no ethical excuse for causing an infant such excruciating shock waves of pain. Even in rare phimosis cases, a tiny little half centimeter snip is all that is necessary, not removing 8 square inches of foreskin as millions of baby boys still suffer each year. Religion is learned abuse, both physical and verbal. It is severe verbal abuse to teach a 3 year old they will burn in hell forever merely for disbelief. It is completely unethical to bribe a child with heaven for any mouthed set of words or behaviours followed or avoided. Millions of muslim girls too are brutally circumcized, clitoral flesh dug out with a knife, often in unsanitary conditions, unlike Gentile jobs done in hospitals on baby boys, frequently without full informed consent of the mom & present "dad." When religion gets the full world wide criticism it deserves universally, Atheism will them be fully legal and science & rationality may actually have a chance to become a cultural norm. I think it's possible in my lifetime, but it will take millions of our voices, not just a few dozen to get it done.

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