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How did you become non-religious?

Apr 27 2009
on becoming non-religious

I woke up one morning after learning of the deaths in Pearl Harbor on December 7th. It suddenly dawned on me that there is no God, no Jesus, no Mohammad no nothing. I was 8 years old and was relieved not to search for a reason for the attack. It was as simple as that. 6 years later I learned there was no King Arthur and rolled with shock. I still cannot believe it and figure oral history will prove that Arthur did exist, when the time comes.

I came from a very religious home of Mormons. I heard over and over that other religions were wrong and we were right. I went back to my books on King Arthur, who was my idol!

At 76 (in June) I have never missed Jesus or any of them. I am offended and insulted by many Evangelicals and see them use Jesus as a tool shoveling out the truth and keeping the weeds. Their influence on our American government has brought only fear and wars.


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