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How did you become non-religious?

Aug 23 2004
on becoming non-religious

Hello Alex,

I read your and Herb Silverman's path to secularization of your thinking, and found them very interesting. It is interesting that both of you, like many other intelligent and thinking persons, succeeded to overcome your early childhood "brainwashing" by the group elders to which you belonged. Although I was born in the "Kingdom Of Yugoslavia" (pre-WWII Yugoslavia), neither of my parents were regular followers of ANY kind of religious dogma, and thus

I had a fortune to grow up FREE of any preconceived ideas, and thus was forced to formulate them from my own life experience and by getting educated through reading on many subjects by which human mind happens to be occupied.

One morning of 1943, I was in a classroom of grade eight students in Belgrade, and the teacher asked me to say the "Lord's prayer" before the beginning of the class. I just started to recite the usual "Our father who are in heavens ; . . .", when I heard the air raid sirens indicating that the city of Belgrade us under the attack from the air. The funny thought occurred to me. "While I am praying to "god" to save me from "evil", etc.etc., those pilots in the bombers above my head were praying to THE SAME GOD, hoping that he/she/it might please them and arrange that their "mission", i.e. the bombs will hit the target, and thus obliterate those "others" who are praying ot be spared !!?? THE ABSURDITY of this situation became so obvious to me that I stopped in the middle of my "praying", and to the astonishment of the teacher declared that "...something is in my throat, and I can not continue to say the prayer ! "

THAT was the beginning of my liberation from ANY of many stupid dogmatic ideologies which require a BLIND obedience through FAITH ! In my view, any free thinking, intelligent and brave individual comes to the same conclusion as many other "secularists", since it is logically OBVIOUS that various fictitious formations of abstract (and not even mathematically logically consistent ) concepts, like gods, devils, angels etc.etc. are just that - stupefying inventions of the uneducated and unsophisticated minds used either to "lull you into a false security", or even worse , to be used by various SWINDLERS to talk you into doing something for THEIR and not your benefit.

So, as the means of communication throughout this small planet continue to improve, there will be MORE AND MORE of human minds which will liberate themselves from the scourge of "blind faith" - and thus lead towards a healthier, wealthier - both intellectually and materially - societies THROUGHOUT all of the enlightened and FREE of dogma World.

Greetings to all those who are free to think, intelligent enough to discern the correct from false, and brave enough to resist various "gurus" of leading them by the nose.

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