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How did you become non-religious?

The Tonzter
Apr 5 2009
on becoming non-religious

So where to start. I was raised in a non religious household to begin with. Church was an option, not a requirement. Once my parents divorced was when my dad got into religion trying to find answers to his problems. I just went to church to basically get out of the house. I found it boring as most children did. But to please my dad I just went to avoid the bitching. I get there and I see that they are passing around this "giving" tray as they call it. I noticed my dad place a 10 dollar bill in the tray. I don't believe in miracles and what he recieved in the mail not long after that was certainly no miracle. He got 100 dollars from the church for joining the sermon and giving to the church which was already rich as it is. I just laughed at his glory of being 100 dollars richer than he was last week. I was a smartass and said to him "Ok if this so called 'God' Really exists then I should be able to place a buck in the "giving tray" and let God (the idiots who run that church) and should expect more in the mail. Yeah a month goes by and I don't see a dime. that wasnt my consern, it all had to do with peoples ignorant beliefs at that church and many more churches ive gone to that believe in this ficticious person whom they call "God" work in his mysterious ways. It looked to me as though each time I went, the churches made several hundreds of dollars from each sermon just from ignorant people throwing their money at the church like it needed it. If the roof was falling off then i could understand it but these insane people were just dumping hundreds of dollars into these churches in hopes of something big. A few months later I see them broke off their ass and say to them, "woulda been better off not blowing all your money on that dumbass church now huh?" there is no god to work in mysterious ways. the only mystery is the people who believe in that shit. they feel they will go to this place they call heaven if they shove their religion down as many peoples throats as possible also giving them the rights to judge people based on false facts they have made about these people who choose not to be religious as though they are "the anti-christ" and should have a bible shoved in their face to learn the true way to live. I don't know about any of you, but I dont need a manual to tell me how i should live my life from day to day. What makes my situation even worse is that "CHRISTIANS" believe their religion is the only true and right way to live, otherwise you are the anti-christ to them. My fiance's father is a hardcore "Christian" who believes this shit. I am not allowed in "HIS" house because I am not "Christian" which is complete bullshit because his wife (my soon to be mother in law) invites me over there, then his retarded ass comes into the room telling me "You have a lot of nerve to be here after everything you said about how we are as parents", his wife says "I invited them" and he replies with "I dont care, after the things hes said, I don't want him in "MY" house. All I told him is that hes warping his childrens minds with this hypocritical religious bullshit and once they see it, they will see that I am not the so called bad person hes making me out to be. I have done nothing to this guy. Hes kicked me out of "His" house twice. (i didnt live there or anything, just being the gentleman and introducing myself to the family but because i was wearing a Metallica shirt and "didnt ask permission to date my gf" he didnt like me and told me to leave. HA real christian huh? I did nothing to disrespect him until he started saying shit about me and the way i live. I cant help the fact that I have a free and logic way of thinking that doesnt revolve around a dumbass contradicting book. Yet he feels the need to treat me like complete shit because im not part of his religious cult. I dont drink, smoke, or do any form of drugs. yet this isnt good enough for this self righteous asshole. I'm done trying to impress his sorry ass for nothing. I have a kid on the way, planning on getting married soon after, and living my own life with or without them. I just dont understand why religion is a big deal to people. it makes no sense to me why we should live by a book. anyone have any thoughts about this?

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