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How did you become non-religious?

Jan 30 2008
on becoming non-religious

it realy says something about the stregnth of will a child can have, to avoid the conditioning that is thrown at us and never to become religious is prety hard, but it seams both you and me were able to do this, so its hard to understand ppl that start out non believers and turn to religion later in life.

i have no idea why some one would want to delude themselves, but it seams some ppl realy do just need to have something like religion in their lives, me i like the idea of not being able to know evrything, but i also like the idea that if i spend time on a thing i can learn about it, even if it isnt evrything about it, it kind of makes the world a better place to be in, what wonder we lose by deciding to learn nothing and accept that it was all made for us and we shouldn't think or question it.

maybe thats it a, simple life with nothing to trouble our heads about, im just glad that the world is complicated, i'd go mad if it wasnt.

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