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How did you become non-religious?

Jan 30 2008
truth is inside

well i dont know about becoming non religious i think you all have it backwards, me i never became religious in the first place, so you cpoulnd say why didnt i become religious, how did i escape the indoctrination, cos chusrch elders say, give me the the child for 7 years and ill give you the christian, or sumit like that, so looks like it takes 7 years to brainwash some one to believe.

Me i had a very religious granmothe, on my fathers side, church of scotland, thats protestant, not catholic, but still read the bible, but dont believe in mary as a person to pray to.

well i heard lots from my birth till i was 7-8 years old about the bible and god and jesus from her, but at the same time nothing religious from my mother who sent that time continualy kicking my drunken abusive father out of the house, then takeing him back, im sure this is familiar to some of you.

eventualy i realised even though i went to chuch at school, you know on holidays before the breaks in school seasons, and ocasionaly on sundays with my gran, but i never seamed to feel jesus, or god move me inside you know, i talked to my mother about 7 years old and she said it was a story made up by mankind to try to get bad ppl to stop what they were doing, cos back then lots of ppl were very bad and would steal and rape and kill weaker ppl than them, there were lots of bandits, so a man thought this was a good way to get some of them to stop, by inventing an imaginary thing inside us that would get tortured for ever in a place called hell if you didnt worship this god guy, and do as he told you(10 comandments).

as most ppl knew how shity life was, ( i suppose back then dads got drunk and mad and beat their kids too forcing some of them to leave home and prob become bad robers and rapists as an alternative to their life),

makeing them belive that an after life that lasted for ever might leave them in pain and suffering was sure a way to get some of them to stop out of fear, and over time religion came about, and a book was writen, all to give some ppl power over others, and control society, to give it time to grow and mature.

well after that being an inquisitive child i started to actualy read and try to understand the bible, and by the time i was 8 i was prety sure what my mother said was true, i felt sorry for my granmother that she was brainwashed, but if it made her happy, it was probably better to let her believe as she was so old she didnt have a lot of time to adjust to another way of life.

but me i prety much knew now, why i hadent felt anything about jesus or god, not in me or out of me, the storys of the bible were storys, that was obvious, and a lot of contradictions in the bible were explained by it being just a book, after all, liers often forget what has been told before and tell contradicting lies, thats how you can catch them out, so if it works for ppl, it probably works for books too.

so, id say i didnt become a christian, i failed to become a christian and stayed normal, un-brainwashed, i not saying it hasnt been hard at times, cos in scotland as i grew up, religion was the main reson for violence, protestant v catholic, ppl would murder each other because they were of the wrong religion, and both of them hated non believers, its often the way that ppl will hate others that dont help them to suport their delusion, its like a slap in the face or saying to some ones face your a dirty lier, but i survived and i thionk im a better person for it.

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