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How did you become non-religious?

Dec 28 2007
Path to Atheism

My story is more of a life-learning lesson and certainly NOT meant to be a sob story. The typical theist can probably have a field day with this one.

I grew up in a non-religious household. Not to say that my parents were Atheists, my mom is a Spanish Catholic. Growing up, I wasn't exposed to churches or the bible or any religious setting for that matter. When I was in the 3rd grade in Harwood, ND, was when I really started questioning the existance of god or any gods.

I watched as my father turned into a violent, abusive alcoholic. Since my earliest memories, my father was both physically and mentally abusive torward my mother and myself. I was so used to this homelife that I thought this was the norm of every household. That's when I started asking myself "Why would god allow these things to happen?"

As time went on, the abuse got worse. When I was about 16, my dad put me in the ER. From there, I went into foster care. I knew I had to get out of ND. So, after high school graduation in 1993, I enlisted in the US Marine Corps. I left Fargo with the clothes on my back and a solemn vow not to ever treat my family (once I got one) the way my father did.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago. I'm married and have 2 great kids. One of my wife's friends is a single mother of 2. She tells my wife that she needed to go to church to figure out if she's a good person or not. This girl is one of the most independent, hard-working women I've ever met. She's surrounded by family and friends everywhere that loves her very much. Everything about her statement just seemed wrong. Now, she is a DEVOUT christian. Ironic thing is, this is the point that I decide that I'm going to seriously question the existance of god(s) and especially the bible. A hard-core christian sent me on my way to Atheism.

After much research, the only reasonable conclusion I could come up with is the non-existance of any god(s). As for raising my children as Atheists, my wife and I decided to let them make thier own decisions concerning the existance of god(s), angels, etc. After all, I want them to be able to think freely. As I see it, if I try to push my Atheism on them, really that's no different than the religious pushing god on them. If they have questions, I will tell them the truth. Show facts and evidence and provide guidance for them to make thier own decisions.

As for my wife...she was raised in a rather strict baptist household and recently started questioning her own faith. LOL...she'll come around!

Another thing that I want mention. About a month ago, a christian told me that every sin is forgivable EXCEPT blasphemy. This includes all of us, i guess. So a child molester, rapist, murderer and the sorts can confess thier sins and they'll have a free ride into heaven? "Yeah, i guess" was the response. I would rather be tortured in hell for all eternity than share a heaven with the person who harmed my daughter. Yeah, I'm glad and proud to be Atheist.

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