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How did you become non-religious?

Nov 23 2004
Becoming An Atheist

I became an atheist not so much because of an "enlightened moment", but really out of rebellion. I was raised a baptist, but didn't go too often to church. As I got older, and was married for several years, my husband (raised by a very christian fundamentalist family) and I decided to "find" a church. We went to several different denominations of the christian religion, but I kept coming up against something I just couldn't swallow. In every church we attended, women were somewhat 2nd class citazens. There seemed to be no place in the church for women except in the nursery or the kitchen. This bothered me greatly. I couldn't fathom that God would give me a highly functioning mind, but the only place I could apply it was in the nursery during church services, or at church functions getting food together in the kitchen. I met someone who became very involved in the church, and we became very good friends. We were very much alike but decided we were going to try to "conquer" our resistence to submit to our husbands and the church and realize God knew what he was doing and had planned this way of living for the best of everyone. I tried, I really did. In fact I tried until I felt almost dead. Then due to job changes we moved out of state and I really didn't have a church that I belonged to any longer. So we set out to find one, and went "church shopping". My husband had to go out of town for several weeks, and I only ended up making it to church once while he was gone. During this time I was watching one of those evangelists on tv and just sat there watching this guy turning the tears on and off at will, condeming those that would not send in the required money necessary for "god's plan", and ranting and raving across the stage. At that point, something clicked. I could literally feel the synapsis firing differently in my brain. From that point I set out to research christianity, the history of the bible, etc. After a few short days, I was 110% convinced I had been duped. Since that time, I feel so much more free, clear headed and no longer have to try to make submitting to anyone or anything fit like a square peg in round hole.

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