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How did you become non-religious?

Jan 5 2007
Julia Sweeney's hilarious "Letting Go of God" mono

For several years now we had been seeing that Julia Sweeney (of Saturday Night Live fame) was performing a humorous monologue about her journey from faith to non-theism at humanist conventions, and wished we could be there to hear it. Just this past month we found out her one-woman play was on CD and rushed to buy it, and it is GREAT! Really smart, insightful, moving, and funny. I immediately wanted to send it to all my friends who are "still searching" and all those who have already let go of God. (I'd like to send it to believers too, but that would probably be rude- although they could listen to the first disc without getting to the atheism part.)

It's got everything, from being a teen Catholic in the 60's when the RCC was renewing itself with guitar masses and retreats, to the reactions of parents to atheism, to dealing with mortality, to raising a child without God. She says "It's because I take the concept of God so seriously, that I can't believe in it." And she does.

Get it! Donate it to your local library.

It's available at the Freedom From Religion Foundation Web Site.

(Click here to go to the page where it can be ordered. -ak)

Feb 27 2007
Sweeney is funny

Julia Sweeney is probably more funny to see on stage than she is brilliantly recounting her various intimate stepping stones from faiths to facts on her CD which we've been listening to in the car.

My feelings are that "Church Lady" of Saturday Night Live & Sweeney in any character could do a really funny set of skits to dramatize & get laughs on a subject that too few people are laughing at.

It must be scary for Jews to see xians preaching Armaggedon or creationism or legislating prayers to the flag.

If we could make such xian enemies of freedom a laughing stock, as Mencken & Darrow did in Dayton, Tennessee 82 years ago, our society will be much better off. There is a muslim comic out there too.

Penn & Teller have produced a potty mouth laugh fest against the Boy Scout Bigots against Gays & Atheists.

Bring on Bill Maher, Colbert, Stewart & comics everywhere!

Mar 9 2007
Julia Sweeney's hilarious "Letting Go of God" mono

Julia Sweeney and the Church Lady! That is a totally EXCELLENT idea! I wonder if Julia Sweeney and Dana Carvey are friends and could put together a new "Church Chat"!

Whatever made you think of that, Larry? Could it be ............Satan?

Mar 10 2007

Church Lady was such a hoot, especially the goofy dancing at the end of her skit/tv show on Saturday Night Live....It would be great to collect all the skits & put them onto a DVD.... so many guests on her "shows." Mephistopheles, not my buddy, he's in bed with Dubya & Dobson, not us Atheists....Stephen Colbert did a hilarious bit on the Iraq war, demanded that all Atheists & Agnostics be drafted 'SINCE WE KNOW THEY'LL BE GREAT FIGHTERS, AS THEY ARE NOT AFRAID OF GOING TO HELL.... bring back our godly troops so they can be safe here at home.... IF NOT ATTENDING CHURCH, YOU GET DRAFTED, if you go to a liberal church, you only need to spend a year in Iraq....

Jan 30 2008

we have a funny show called scotch and wry in scotland with a revrend i.M. jolly on it its funny cos he is church of scotland and they preach fire and brinstone, no singing or danceing and stright to hell for laghing, he is suvh a dower faced git you have to laugh.

Jan 30 2008
i.m. jolly is on youtube :-)

Thanks for tip! Watched some of him on Youtube (just searched for i.m. jolly) and had to laugh!

Got me wondering what the psychological appeal is to religions that preach that not having any fun is a virtue. Jehovah's Witness also have restrictions like that - I remember JW kids in my grade school class who had to go out into the hall if another kid brought in a birthday treat. I felt sorry for them.

But it must appeal to some people.

Maybe if I watch more I.M. Jolly I'll get it...

Jan 30 2008

try dave allan too an irish comic realy funny.

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