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How did you become non-religious?

Aug 23 2004
on becoming non-religious

was raised in the Episcopal church. My mother was the religious one. My Dad was an atheist. I suppose I 'believed' until I went away to boarding school when I was 13. It was an Episcopal school. The headmaster/rector was a pompous a-- who would get up in the pulpit and have a special light trained on him, and he did his best to seem like the next best thing to a saint. He was a snob of the highest order. We girls made fun of him all the time. That was the start of the end of my religious beliefs.

I've always been a scientific type, and definitely not a 'follower'. I was always skeptical of religion. When I married a STAUNCH Presbyterian who insisted that I attend church with him and keep up all the appearances, despite my doubts, that finalized my agnosticism. I kept up appearances until our children were teenagers. Then I gradually found excuses not to attend church Sunday mornings. Of course I got the big guilt trip thing from my (now) ex, but it didn't bother me at that point.

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