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Jan 14 2008
Just learned something about Saint Sebastian

Okay - I can still be surprised by Christian dogma. I was looking up information on Christian saints to reply to an annoying letter in the City Paper this week and I searched for Saint Sebastian. He's the saint who is always depicted as tied to a stake clad only in a loin cloth and shot full of arrows like a pin cushion. I've seen numerous paintings of that scene - I mean it's memorable! Anyway, I never knew the actual story.

Turns out the story (which wasn't recorded until about 100 years after it supposedly happened) is that he didn't die from the arrows! Instead a women from a nearby farm untied him and nursed him back to health. While recuperating a blind deaf girl visited and he asked her if she wanted to be one with Christ. She then spoke for the first time in her life to say yes, and was then able to see!?!? Okay.... Then when he's well he goes back to harrassing Diocletian, the Roman who ordered him shot with arrows in the first place. This time they just beat him to death and he dies.

Now you know (well, sort of know- since there is no actual corroboration of the story outside of the account written so long after it was said to take place - around 299 A.D.

Jan 18 2008

there is no point in ridiculing these stories, they are like urban ledgends, evry belife syatem has them, they are all used to pass on some kind of message, be it to uphold a stated fact in a beliefe syatem or to glorify past elders used to prove the power of the belife in that syatem, or to pass on what was at the time of the origin of the story some knowledge thought to be worth passing on and with no writen language universal to the societies at the time story song dance or picture waqs the only thing avilable to them, this is why after hundreds of years of retelling and adjustment for the changes in society and culture over hundreds of years they become what we have now, missunderstood , corupted beyond understanding and prety much usless for the societies of today, in the west at least, but some societies are hundreds of years behind the west in maturity, and to try to understand their storys for us in the west is prety hard, some of them havent had the religious reformation we have had in the west never mind the equality between the sexes or inter societal casts.

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