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Atheist or Agnostic?

Mar 26 2010
Did we choose to become atheists or agnostics?

"You are an atheist/agnostic because you choose to be such." Has anyone ever said this to you? It appears that most theists choose to believe in such deity, while on the other hand, most atheists, like me, cannot help but to come to such conclusion. This is because most theists choose to believe in such purely due to faith. Others take the faith even farther to the point of beyond reality, which convinces me, a nonbeliever, even more to be skeptical. And most theists, especially Christians, take it far enough to save those who do not believe will "burn in hell."

Well, here are my answers: first of all, since I don't believe in heaven, I also don't believe in hell. Since I don't believe that God exists, I certainly don't believe his antithesis exists either. So why do not have to worry about going to Heaven or going to hell.

To me there is simply no evidence that either type of deity exists. But I do believe that the people we have to answer to are those right next to us -- they are the ones we live next to or who have authority over us. They, not some afterlife being that probably does not exist, are the ones to whom we have to answer. I do not know that to anyone such evidence exists, so how can I possibly believe of such existence? I didn't choose to do this -- I simply can't help but not to believe in such existence of a deity.

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