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Atheist or Agnostic?

Aug 23 2004

It may be somewhat odd for me to be writing this, but I enjoy reading the posts and thought I would make a small contribution.

[No, it is not at all odd. However, readers who don't know you may not understand what you mean by this, so let me clarify. Marty is not only a theist, but a professional one as he is a minister. I'm supposing that he is reading the SHL Webpages due to his interest in Christian Apologetics and I am very happy to have his input here. -ak]

As we all know, the word 'atheism' literally means "no God." The common way that this has been understood has been that such persons assert that there is no god. In more recent times atheists such as George Smith in his book, "Atheism, Ayn Rand, and other heresies," has a chapter entitled, "Defining atheism." In this chapter he defines atheism simply as "lacking belief in God."

Several years ago he was in a radio debate with my mentor, the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen, where he defended the legitimacy of calling himself an atheist instead of an agnostic. Smith, as a philosopher, knows the tar pit of trying to prove a universal negative (i.e. asserting that one can know for certian that God does not exist). As such, he demonstrates that it is possible to define an atheist as one who simply "lacks belief," rather than asserting that there is no God.

Oct 21 2004
don't believe in fairy tales

Exactly, as an atheist I don't believe in god for the exact same reasons that I don't believe in Santa Claus, dragons, ghosts, a soul, homeophathy, elves, fairy godmother, etc.

There is simply absolutely no scientific evidence to support these theories.

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