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SHL Discussion Board (retired)

What you are looking at now is the ghost of our old discussion board. There was a time many SHL members posted questions, thoughts, answers and announcements here. However, things have changed due to social media. You can still read the old posts here, but for current activity, it is recommended that you use the main SHL homepage or our Facebook.


Official announcements from the SHL board, including mail sent to the monthly meeting, book group, volunteer network, and family e-mail lists.
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Atheist or Agnostic?

Is it unreasonable for someone to claim that they are an atheist? Is "agnostic" the only reasonable choice for a non theist?
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For a long time, this forum was called "Ethics and Opinions of Peter Singer" because much was written about him here after his Charleston visit many years ago. However, as of June 2008 I'm renaming it just "Ethics" and hope that people will begin posting to it more often.
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Event Announcements

This is a new forum that is for the announcement of events that may be of interest to SHL members. Note that such announcements may be removed after the event occurs...or not depending on how busy the administrator is and how interesting the post may be.
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How did you become non-religious?

It appears that most people remain believers in the religion with which they were raised. Some small group of people choose to switch from one religious belief to another. It might be interesting to discuss why people do either of these two things, but that is not what I'd like to do here. What I'd like here (inspired by a suggestion from my wife) is to see a bunch of anecdotes from people about how they came to be non-religious. What events or thoughts or people played important roles in your decision (if it was a decision!) to become non-religious? Post your stories here...
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News and Current Events

This is a forum for the presentation and discussion of news articles and other current events, particularly those relating to secular humanism, atheism, skepticism and religion.
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Open Discussion

This forum is for anything you might want to discuss that would be of interest to SHL members.
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Science and Skepticism

We are skeptical of claims of the supernatural, but how skeptical are we of scientific or pseudo-scientific claims?
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Humanist Parenting

A forum for SHL members and other non-religious parents of young children in the South Carolina Lowcountry.
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Freethinking Links

A place to list links to websites of general interest to SHL members.
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