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Separation of Church and State

The separation of church and state is a very important ideal to the members of our organization. We believe it is essential to ensure that the government remains essentially neutral on matters of religion, neither promoting certain religious views over others nor punishing individuals for their religious beliefs (or non-beliefs). The writings of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison make it clear that they would agree with us: allowing the government to become entangled with religion is bad for both religion and for government. Unfortunately, the government currently seems to be moving in the opposite direction. We believe that this will be bad not only for us, but for everyone in a religious minority. Moreover, this would be bad for the whole country in the long run since America is nothing if it compromises its ideals of individual freedom.

Herb Silverman, a founding member of the SHL, is also one of our heroes since he successfully challenged South Carolina's unconstitutional law requiring certain religious beliefs of anyone holding public office. We are proud to say that Herb is now president of a national organization: The Secular Coalition for America. This group represents the viewpoint of non-religious Americans in Washington D.C.!

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