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The May Separationist is out!Posted by SHL on 2020-05-06.
Online social and book club this weekend!Posted by SHL on 2020-04-23.
Donate to the Charity of the QuarterWe pool the donations from our members and give the total to a local charitable organization. For April - June 2020, the SHL is collecting donations for Community Resource Center. Please help us make a generous donation to this deserving charity.
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New Video with Herb SilvermanAs some of you may know, SHL's founding president, Herb Silverman, is recovering well from a stroke that he suffered in April 2019. But, back in 2018 he was in Michigan giving a talk about his run for governor of South Carolina (spoiler alert: he didn't win) and the Secular Coalition for America. You can see a video of the talk which was recently added to the SHL video library.
The Separationist Needs Your Help!After a brief hiatus, the Separationist, the newsletter of the SHL is back! If you have interesting announcements, articles, letters, cartoons etc. please send to your newsletter editor team, John and Barb. You can reach us them at
AHA to Argue Church/State Case Before Supreme Court!The American Humanist Association will for the first time be arguing a case before SCOTUS. The case ought to be an easy one to win -- a Maryland city that has used hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds on a giant cross monument with plans to spend a hundred thousand more -- but with the current make-up of the court, who knows what the outcome will be? You can find out more and donate money to help them at the AHA's website

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