In Reason We Trust
Tags with the phrase "In Reason We Trust" are now available to South Carolina residents. Click on the links below to learn more about them or to order one for yourself.
Who? What? Why? How?

Why did we arrange for these tags?

In South Carolina, there are many people driving cars with license tags that say "In God We Trust". However, those of us who do not believe in God, as well as some who do, think that drivers ought to be using reason while driving and not just trusting their safety to a supernatural being. For instance, a driver approaching a dangerous intersection and hearing a siren could use reason to conclude that it might be reasonable to slow down, or they could trust that God will protect them and drive on at top speed.

So, as a political statement that not all South Carolinian drivers believe in supernatural beings, to show support of the power of human reasoning (which, after all, allowed us to build cars and invent traffic lights in the first place), or just because you think it sounds cool, please consider ordering an IRWT plate for your own car!

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