In Reason We Trust
Tags with the phrase "In Reason We Trust" are now available to South Carolina residents. Click on the links below to learn more about them or to order one for yourself.
Who? What? Why? How?

What is this about?

The license tags that you see in the picture to the right are official South Carolina plates that you can get to put on your vehicle. We would hope that most people would agree that they trust in the power of human reasoning. We do it all the time when we believe that the brakes in our car (which were designed and built by humans using their power of reasoning) will work, or when we trust in our own ability to drive on the road even though we might encounter unexpected and potentially dangerous events.

These plates are an alternative to the existing "In God We Trust" plates that are already available in South Carolinia for those who feel that "In Reason We Trust" better describes their situation.

Click here for information on how to get one at your local DMV.

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